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I had an attack of gout last year for the first time in my life (in July 2012, to be exact), and it wasn’t a pleasant experience – in fact the nighttime pain opened my eyes to the suffering that gout can cause. So let me tell you, I know what you’re going through. Oh boy, do I ever.

However, I’m an optimistic person, so when the gout struck, I did what I’d always done with health problems up to that point in my life – I ignored it, hoping it would go away. Big mistake. But you already know that, I’m guessing.

I don’t like to take prescription meds unless I absolutely have to. That’s just a personal choice.  Anyhow, to cut a long story short, I bought a few guides to home remedies for gout on the internet and tried them all out. (I must admit, the no-quibble money-back guarantees offered by all the suppliers made this easier!)

And, after a fair amount of research, I found a guide to gout remedies that was well written, scientifically sound. And, most importantly, worked for me.

It’s written by Barton Publishing and it’s called Cure Your Gout. Please read on to see it – the link to these powerful Gout Remedies is lower down this page.

Barton Publishing have been publishing self-help books for many years now, and they have a great reputation!

Their eBook on gout remedies explains how to (1) get relief from the pain and (2) stop the problem happening again. It’s clear, straightforward, practical and reliable. It’s also well balanced – for example, they tell you how medical remedies and gout home remedies compare in effectiveness.

One thing that is really important as far as I’m concerned is that they have a medical doctor on their staff who writes these reports.

That way, so you know you’re getting the real thing, with practical ideas that really control and eliminate the pain and symptoms of gout.

Here’s what they say in the report: “Drawing from current research and home remedies alike, the report will help you to live with gout. You’ll learn how you can take control of your gout and manage a relatively pain-free experience… this report will help equip you with the tools necessary to control the adverse affects of the disease through proper medication, diet and preventative treatments. When you take the first step to educate yourself about gout, you will begin a lifetime of health that will not only help you with gout, but will have a positive impact on your entire life.” 

I can vouch for that, because their approach, using natural home remedies, worked for me: I am now pain free. 

What’s in this report? Here’s the list of contents from the Barton Publishing report:

Chapter 1: Overview of Gout.

  • Learn what it is and what causes it
  • The 4 stages of gout
  • Who’s at risk and how it is diagnosed
  • The signs, symptoms and typical complications of gout.

Chapter 2: Gout Remedies. Learn about traditional medication remedies, diet remedies and alternative treatment remedies (i.e. home remedies) that you can easily provide for yourself, in your own home. This is where you can learn about natural gout home remedies.

Chapter 3: Living with Gout. Discover what you can do as a gout sufferer to manage your episodes, pain and frequency. Learn what you can do to ease the affects of gout and to limit and/or eliminate the disease’s chronic damage.

Chapter 4: Concluding Thoughts about You, Your Health and Gout. Consider your role in your overall health and contemplate what opportunities a pain-free life would offer you.

Of all this fantastic material, I was most excited by Chapter 2, which is packed full of information about some powerful and easily obtained natural remedies.

I’d heard of some of these – ginger, for example – but some of the most powerful anti-gout treatments were new to me – Buchu tea and cayenne pepper, for example.

And I really liked the way they combined information about natural gout remedies and the medical approach using NSAID drugs (among others) – they explain how the two strategies can be used independently or can be truly complementary.

This is a very exciting report, packed full of great information, and while it’s impossible for me to go into detail about everything they say, I can assure you it’s professionally written and will give great hope to all gout sufferers.

Indeed, there are so many treatment options and gout home remedies available that you’ll easily find a way to eliminate the pain and symptoms of your own gout. It comes highly recommended. In fact, if you have gout, it’s indispensable.

Are there any downsides? Not really – but I would draw your attention to a series of offers they make once you’ve decided to get the report.

You may or may not want these extras (they include things like getting a printed copy through the mail or joining their advice service on natural remedies for other conditions) – if you’re not interested, please just carry on clicking your way to the final screen where you can get the gout report. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to end gout pain once and for all.  Here’s the link to their report: 

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An Unusual Case Of Gout

Although we tend to think of gout as a problem that is caused by having too much uric acid in the blood, it’s always important to keep in mind that there can be exceptions to every rule. In the case reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1994; 271:302-3, DJ McCarty describes a case history of a man who failed to get a diagnosis of his gout for over 12 years, simply because the levels of uric acid in his blood did not match the conventional medical definition of hyperuricemia.

Now, it’s certainly true that most people with gout do have high uric acid levels, which are generally regarded as over 416 µmol per litre (7.0 milligrams per decilitre).

However this man had many tests on his uric acid level of a period of 12 years, and they were never higher than 375 µmol per litre, and often much lower.

Even so, it wasn’t until he saw consultant rheumatologist that his joint fluid was tested for uric acid crystals and the presence of gout was established. Even at this point, his uric acid levels of 381 µmol per litre.

The critical point here is that the conditions for hyperuricemia to result in crystal deposition is actually variable from individual to individual and simply represents the point at which uric acid crystals form. In this case the man’s hands and feet were very cold, and it appears that temperature was a critical factor in the formation of uric acid crystals in his joints.

The conventionally accepted levels of uric acid defined as hyperuricemia are 416 µmol litre, but that is measured at a temperature of 37°C.

At 30°C, the crystallization point is a mere 268 µmol litre. The average temperature of the toe joint may be as low as 33°C, so clearly gout can occur even in conditions where it is not generally defined by the medical criteria. However, while high uric acid levels do not automatically lead to gout, it is also true that the absence of hyperuricemia should not rule out the presence of gout.

So asymptomatic hyperuricemia means that the uric acid concentration is high in blood serum and that that there are no signs and symptoms of crystal deposition in the joints.

In fact, estimates suggest that about two thirds of individuals who have high uric acid levels will not develop symptoms of gout.

Once again, a statistical definition is not particularly useful because various populations vary considerably in the average levels of uric acid in the blood stream. What this says to me is that if you feel moved to try gout home remedies, or a specific home remedy for gout, go right ahead – and if you wish, discuss it with your medical practitioner.

Also, it’s also important to know that some cardiovascular disorders are caused by concentrations of uric acid that are below the point at which crystals form. In fact, persistent hyperuricemia is actually quite a common condition – a fact to keep in mind when trying solutions or remedies for gout, I feel.

yes – you really can end the awful pain of gout with simple home remedies