Get The Best Remedies For Gout

I had an attack of gout last year for the first time in my life (in July 2012, to be exact), and it wasn’t a pleasant experience – in fact the nighttime pain opened my eyes to the suffering that gout can cause. So let me tell you, I know what you’re going through. Oh boy, do I ever.

However, I’m an optimistic person, so when the gout struck, I did what I’d always done with health problems up to that point in my life – I ignored it, hoping it would go away. Big mistake. But you already know that, I’m guessing.

So to cut a long story short, I bought a few guides to gout remedies on the internet and tried them all out. (I must admit, the no-quibble money-back guarantees offered by all the suppliers made this easier!)

And, after a fair amount of research, I found one that worked, was well written, and scientifically sound. And, as I say, it worked for me. It’s written by Barton Publishing and it’s called Cure Your Gout. Please read on to see it – the link to this powerful Gout Solution is lower down this page.

Barton Publishing have been publishing self-help books for many years now, and they have a great reputation! Their eBook on gout clearly explains how to (1) get relief from the pain and (2) stop the problem happening again. It’s clear, straightforward, practical and reliable. It’s also well balanced – for example, they tell you how medical remedies and gout home remedies compare in effectiveness.

One thing that is really important as far as I’m concerned is that they have a medical doctor on their staff who writes these reports. That way, so you know you’re getting the real thing, with practical ideas that really control and eliminate the pain and symptoms of gout. Here’s what they say in the report: “Drawing from current research and home remedies alike, the report will help you to live with gout. You’ll learn how you can take control of your gout and manage a relatively pain-free experience… this report will help equip you with the tools necessary to control the adverse affects of the disease through proper medication, diet and preventative treatments. When you take the first step to educate yourself about gout, you will begin a lifetime of health that will not only help you with gout, but will have a positive impact on your entire life.” 

I can vouch for that, because their approach, using natural home remedies, worked for me: I am now pain free. 

What’s in this report? Here’s the list of contents from the Barton Publishing report:

Chapter 1: Overview of Gout.

  • Learn what it is and what causes it
  • The 4 stages of gout
  • Who’s at risk and how it is diagnosed
  • The signs, symptoms and typical complications of gout.

Chapter 2: Gout Remedies. Learn about traditional medication remedies, diet remedies and alternative treatment remedies that you can easily provide for yourself, in your own home. This is where you can learn about natural gout home remedies.

Chapter 3: Living with Gout. Discover what you can do as a gout sufferer to manage your episodes, pain and frequency. Learn what you can do to ease the affects of gout and to limit and/or eliminate the disease’s chronic damage.

Chapter 4: Concluding Thoughts about You, Your Health and Gout. Consider your role in your overall health and contemplate what opportunities a pain-free life would offer you.

Of all this fantastic material, I was most excited by Chapter 2, which is packed full of information about some powerful and easily obtained natural remedies. I’d heard of some of these – ginger, for example – but some of the most powerful anti-gout treatments were new to me – Buchu tea and cayenne pepper, for example. And I really liked the way they combined information about natural gout remedies and the medical approach using NSAID drugs (among others) – they explain how the two strategies can be used independently or can be truly complementary.

This is a very exciting report, packed full of great information, and while it’s impossible for me to go into detail about everything they say, I can assure you it’s professionally written and will give great hope to all gout sufferers. Indeed, there are so many treatment options and gout home remedies available that you’ll easily find a way to eliminate the pain and symptoms of your own gout. It comes highly recommended. In fact, if you have gout, it’s indispensable.

Are there any downsides? Not really – but I would draw your attention to a series of offers they make once you’ve decided to get the report. You may or may not want these extras (they include things like getting a printed copy through the mail or joining their advice service on natural remedies for other conditions) – if you’re not interested, please just carry on clicking your way to the final screen where you can get the gout report. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to end gout pain once and for all.  Here’s the link to their report: 

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An Unusual Case Of Gout

Although we tend to think of gout as a problem that is caused by having too much uric acid in the blood, it’s always important to keep in mind that there can be exceptions to every rule. In the case reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1994; 271:302-3, DJ McCarty describes a case history of a man who failed to get a diagnosis of his gout for over 12 years, simply because the levels of uric acid in his blood did not match the conventional medical definition of hyperuricemia.

Now, it’s certainly true that most people with gout do have high uric acid levels, which are generally regarded as over 416 µmol per litre (7.0 milligrams per decilitre). However the individual in question had many tests on his uric acid level of a period of 12 years, and they were never higher than 375 µmol per litre, and often much lower. Even so, it wasn’t until he saw consultant rheumatologist that his joint fluid was tested for uric acid crystals and the presence of gout was established. Even at this point, his uric acid levels of 381 µmol per litre.

The critical point here is that the conditions for hyperuricemia to result in crystal deposition is actually variable from individual to individual and simply represents the point at which uric acid crystals form. In this case the man’s hands and feet were very cold, and it appears that temperature was a critical factor in the formation of uric acid crystals in his joints.

The conventionally accepted levels of uric acid defined as hyperuricemia are 416 µmol litre, but that is measured at a temperature of 37°C. At 30°C, the crystallization point is a mere 268 µmol litre. The average temperature of the toe joint may be as low as 33°C, so there needs to be a recognition that gout can occur even in conditions where it is not generally defined by the medical criteria. However, while high uric acid levels do not automatically lead to gout, it is also true that the absence of hyperuricemia should not rule out the presence of gout.

So asymptomatic hyperuricemia means that the uric acid concentration is high in blood serum and that that there are no signs and symptoms of crystal deposition in the joints. In fact, estimates suggest that about two thirds of individuals who have high uric acid levels will not develop symptoms of gout. Once again, a statistical definition is not particularly useful because various populations vary considerably in the average levels of uric acid in the blood stream. Also, it’s also important to know that some cardiovascular disorders are caused by concentrations of uric acid that are below the point at which crystals form. In fact, persistent hyperuricemia is actually quite a common condition.

What Is The Best Gout Remedy?

The intense pain of gout is more manageable when you feel in control of what’s going on.

But because attacks of gout come on without warning you may not feel you have any control. And because attacks may last a couple of days, or longer, you may want to opt for a strategy of prevention. That may well be the best remedy of all.

So it’s important to learn as much as possible about remedies for gout. We’ll say more about this below, but first, some practical advice: if you do have a gout attack, doctors recommend you use a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like naproxen sodium or ibuprofen. In cases where you have extreme pain, use full strength tablets.

The Best Gout Remedy May Be Prevention

Gout strikes suddenly when crystals of uric acid salts build up in the joints. This means controlling the level of uric acid in your body is essential to preventing attacks. And because some foods are related to uric acid production and others can help control it, finding an appropriate, balanced diet will help you avoid the problem.

There is a higher rate of occurrence of gout among those who are overweight and the risk goes up with one’s weight. A sensible fitness plan and healthy diet rich in whole foods, fruits and vegetables will be a good start for losing weight and reducing the risk of gout. But obviously a healthy diet alone is not enough – your diet must exclude those foods which are known to promote an attack.

Take heart: remedies for gout are easily available. And, as we’ve already implied, an important aspect of treatment easily available to you is dietary control. You can read a lot more about dietary issues and gout here, but we’ve set out some of the basics below.

Gout is a miserable problem, and since you can’t predict an attack, prevention is crucial, which means that both before and during an attack of gout, a good approach is to avoid the foods that aggravate the illness. This will help the attack pass faster and might prevent future occurrences.

Gout Home Remedies – Do they Really Work ?

As we’ve seen, out is a painful and complex form of arthritis that occurs as a result of elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is a chemical compound that the body produces when breaking down substances called purines, which can be found in red meat, liver, dry beans, anchovies, and some other foods.

Although it frequently attacks the joint in the big toe, gout can occur in any part of the body. There are many treatments for gout, including prescription and non-prescription drugs; however, there are also many “home remedies” that can not only help prevent the buildup of crystallized uric acid that the kidneys fail to filter out, but also help alleviate the pain and discomfort once the condition has developed. Here are some more suggestions.

1) Increase your fluid intake. It is important to drink adequate amounts of fluids, especially water, when you have gout, as it helps to dilute the uric acid levels in the bloodstream.

2) The next gout remedies are equally simple – avoid certain foods.  As mentioned above, there are specific foods known to contribute to the buildup of uric acid in the bloodstream.

Some meat, poultry, and fish are foods to avoid because they contain a great deal of the purines which the body converts into uric acid.  It should therefore be no surprise that those who eat the most meat also experience the most problems with gout.

Therefore, it’s important to try to avoid organ meat, red meat, dry beans and peas, anchovies, mushrooms, spinach, fish, asparagus, baker’s yeast, gravy, shellfish and scallops. There is no reason to totally avoid these foods if you enjoy eating them, but eating them as little as possible will help ward off future attacks and serves as a valuable precaution.

3) Salt is a common ingredient for seasoning and is also related to an increase in uric acid.

4) A key thing to avoid is fructose, which increases the amount of uric acid in the body which in turn can lead to an increase in the crystals that cause inflammation in the joints. It is the only carbohydrate that increases uric acid. Since refined sugar is a key contributor to weight gain, cutting down has multiple benefits. It is found in a variety of processed foods, which makes a diet based on whole foods even more important.

5) Saturated fats, like those found in meat tend to increase uric acid levels, but interestingly, unsaturated fats tend to lower uric acid a little. Since high fat foods have a variety of bad effects on your health – elevated cholesterol levels being high on the list – you might want to consume more low-fat milk, yogurt and other dairy products.

6) It is very important to limit alcohol consumption and cut it out completely if at all possible. This is especially true of beer and stout, which contain many purines. Among all the other gout remedies, this can be one of the most challenging. However, it is important. Uric acid is not soluble in alcohol, so when there is more alcohol in the blood, crystals are more likely to form. This is because the kidneys are essential for removing the excess uric acid from the blood stream and alcohol interferes with that process.

7) Since so many remedies are linked to dietary factors, you may not be surprised to learn that it helps to eat more of certain foods. Cherries and pineapple are well-known for acting as natural anti-inflammatories, so you definitely want to eat them on a regular basis. Anti-inflammatories relieve the intense pain that this condition causes. One definite plus is that cherries are delicious, and you will also obtain various other health benefits from eating this fruit.

8) Foods to eat with caution. You might want to go easy on oatmeal and wholegrain bread, because while they are not very high in purines, they are categorized as being “medium”, which can quickly add up if consumed in large amounts, or on a regular basis. Since remedies for gout take many forms, it may be useful to check out a proper guide to diets for gout.

9) Gout home remedies such as dietary control need not be part of a strict regime that restricts you from eating your favorite foods on a regular basis. By pairing low and medium and high purine foods in appropriate amounts, you can probably avoid gout attacks. However, please see your doctor if necessary, as there can be medical reasons why you have elevated levels of uric acid, which your doctor can help you identify.

How To Find A Remedy For Gout

When you get a diagnosis of gout, you’ll want to know how to relieve the symptoms and stop further attacks.

What You Can Do To Remedy Gout

Rest the affected joint as much as you can – rest, raise the limb and keep it safe from knocks and bumps. If you want to use medication to reduce the pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are often used to reduce pain and suppress inflammation. You could try diclofenac, indometacin, and naproxen.

If you use these types of drugs, keep them near you, so you can take one at the first sign of any problem. Take this medication throughout the attack and continue to take it for 48 hours after the attack  has passed. You may also take a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to reduce the risk of stomach problems from the anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have kidney problems or stomach problems do not use NSAIDs.


If you do not or cannot take NSAIDs, or indeed if they do not work, colchicine can be used. It is derived from Autumn crocus, and works by reducing the inflammatory effect of the deposited urate crystals on the membrane lining the joint. This may reduce some of the inflammation and pain of a gout attack. But while this can be a good remedy for gout, it needs to be used at low doses because the drug’s side effects include nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

In fact, colchicine can cause major problems with your gut if you take too much. Take only the recommended dose.

Corticosteroids – A Remedy For Gout Pain

These steroids can be taken as a short term solution when other approaches have failed, but long-term they cause weight gain, thinning of the bones, bruising, muscle weakness, skin depletion, and increased infections. They are unsuitable if you have diabetes or glaucoma, bone marrow disease, poor kidney or liver function, heart problems. Corticosteroids can be injected directly into the affected joint for rapid pain relief.

Gout Remedies Which Will Stop Further Attacks

To prevent further attacks of gout, you may wish to use effective gout home remedies that are proven to reduce uric acid levels in your bloodstream. You can also make some lifestyle changes which will reduce your uric acid levels. The fact is, these remedies work if you seriously apply them.

Your doctor may wish to use medication on a long-term basis if you have frequent attacks of gout or tophi (small white lumps that form under the skin) or evidence of joint damage or kidney stones. The usual approach is urate-lowering therapy, also known as ULT, to lower uric acid levels so urate crystals cannot form. This gout remedy also helps to dissolve existing crystals. This is a powerful remedy, but to produce a complete gout cure it needs to be done on a daily basis for the rest of your life.

You may begin ULT as soon as a diagnosis is made: ULT can then reduce how often you have an attack and help you avoid joint damage. There are some risks, of course…. so trying this gout remedy is a decision to be made in conjunction with your doctor.

Allopurinol is the main medication used as a gout treatment: it lowers uric acid levels by interfering with the enzyme (xanthine oxidase) which converts purines into uric acid, but it is not a painkiller and will have no effect if you are in a gout crisis – it is not a short term remedy!

Allopurinol is taken as a tablet. But it may be as long as a year before all urate crystals have dissolved, and to avoid further attacks, you have to take the tablets for the rest of your life…. and oddly enough, it may cause a gout attack when you first take it, because it makes the crystals in the joint emerge from the cartilage into the joint cavity, which then inflames the synovial membrane.

You may also have ongoing attacks of gout until it is cleared up: keep taking the tablets and use painkillers to deal with the discomfort.  If you develop a skin rash from allopurinol, contact your doctor. It may be a sign of an allergy. You may also experience indigestion, headache, and diarrhea. (A list of side effects which makes me wonder if it might be better to use a proven gout home remedy.)

Note: you cannot take allopurinol with immunosuppressant medications and cyclophosphamide. And people with severe kidney disease may be prescribed an alternative ULT such as febuxostat.


Febuxostat inhibits the enzyme (xanthine oxidase) that produces uric acid, but is broken down by the liver, so can be used in patients with kidney disease safely. It can quickly reduce uric acid levels below the saturation point, but as explained above, this may cause an acute attack of gout. To deal with this, oral NSAID or colchicine may be prescribed as preventative treatment. Side effects of febuxostat include an increased number of acute gout attacks, diarrhea, headache, feeling sick and skin rash. If you have breathing difficulties or facial swelling, stop taking febuxostat and seek medical advice. It is not used if you have heart problems or serious kidney disease.

Lifestyle changes as a remedy for gout

Changing what you eat is the simplest remedy for gout. Thus, foods high in purines should be avoided. These include: meats such as kidney, liver, veal, turkey and venison; seafood, especially anchovies, herring, mackerel, sardines, fish roe, and shellfish such as mussels and scallops; asparagus, kidney beans, lima beans, lentils and spinach; and also yeast extract, such as Marmite and Quorn. Gout home remedies rarely came so easily!

Weight & Lifestyle

Losing weight can reduce your uric acid levels significantly; but follow a balanced, calorie-controlled diet. Do not crash diet and especially do not use a high-protein and low or very-low carbohydrate diet – obviously, foods high in protein contain high levels of purines. Take regular exercise, to reduce your urate levels and feel more energized and optimistic. Do not use any form of exercise that puts strain on the gout-affected muscles or joints. Swimming is a good form of exercise for gout sufferers.


Drink about 1.2 liters of water (two pints) a day, and significantly more if you are exercising or in hot climates. Good hydration may reduce crystal formation in the joints. While simple, this is a powerful home remedy for gout.


Beers and stouts are associated with a greater risk of developing gout. Having a small glass of wine every day does not put you at risk of developing gout, but binge drinking any alcohol may cause a gout attack in people if you have previously had gout. In any event, three-to-four units of alcohol a day is the maximum recommended amount for men and two-to-three units a day for women. Perhaps the simplest gout remedy of all is the most effective – give up drinking altogether.

Gout Remedies – Do They Really Work?

There’s no more compelling reason to find a home remedy for a medical condition than excruciating pain. And nowhere is that more true than in the case of gout. So – are there any truly effective gout remedies?

For almost all medical conditions, home remedies have long been a staple of our way of life. And in some ways the usefulness of a remedy that is based on traditional cures has never been greater, since medical costs are escalating constantly. But the question is always whether or not home remedies are actually effective. In the case of a malady like gout, this is the most important question of all! The answer seems to be a cautious “yes”.

I think traditional remedies are always based on some level of fact and science, but by their very nature they tend to be unresearched and unproven. So if somebody tells you, for example, that tart cherries are a guaranteed cure for gout, do you believe them or not? (Oddly enough, this is true.)

Sometimes you can go out and try a remedy for yourself; sometimes you need an answer instantly – and that’s probably the most true when an attack of gout develops. So the object of this website is to give you some definite, reliable advice about what you can and can’t do to alleviate the pain of gout attack by using simple, traditional, gout remedies.

The Top “Home” Remedies For Gout

1) Drink less alcohol. Regrettably, if you like a drink, but you don’t like the pain of gout, then you are going to have to drink less alcohol. The worst offenders are beers and stouts, which are full of purines; a glass or two of wine a day should be all right. Whisky has a bad reputation, too, but the truth is you’ll be able to establish a correlation between drinking alcohol and how quickly you get a gout attack, especially if you keep a diary. Even so, cutting down on the booze is the simplest remedy for gout of all — and one of the most effective.

2) Consume less sugar, whether as simple sugar like glucose and fructose, or refined carbohydrates like white flour bakery products, sweets and candies. The body can’t cope — and indeed isn’t designed to cope — with the massive influx of sugar that we subject it to every day. It tests our body’s ability to control sugar levels to the limit, can induce a degree of insulin resistance, and results in fat being laid down around our abdomens.

3) Increase your intake of complex carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit. You’ll find that this satisfies your appetite for longer, and this food places less stress and strain on your hormonal system than simple sugars; it also protects your pancreas and adrenals, possibly even reducing the risk of Type II diabetes.

4) Another simple gout remedy is to reduce the amount of purine-containing protein in your diet. Generally speaking this means less meat, fish, and in particular shellfish. Once again, it’s a simple remedy for gout, and provided you maintain a food diary that enables you to link the consumption of certain foods with the onset of a gout attack, working out what you can and cannot eat “safely” need not be a chore.

5) Drink plenty of water. We hear this advice so often, don’t we? But we hear it for a good reason! Drinking lots of water reduces the level of toxins and impurities in your bloodstream, and in particular reduces the amount of uric acid in your blood, and therefore reduces the chance of a gout attack. If only all gout remedies were this simple!

6) Cherries. Ah yes, cherries. You see this recommended all over the Internet as a traditional gout remedy which works well, and so I investigated whether or not there’s any truth in the idea. The theory is that the anthocyanins in cherries inhibit the activity of xanthine oxidase, the enzyme associated with the production of uric acid. There’s actually quite a lot of evidence to suggest that the pigmented compounds in many fruits and vegetables have an impact on the metabolic pathways that are responsible for gout.

Rather than quote a whole load of references to you, I’ll just give you this one. In essence, what this report demonstrates is that urinary urate increases quite dramatically after eating cherries, while plasma urate decreases, but to a much lesser extent. In short, though, there’s definitely a marked trend towards decreased inflammatory responses in humans after the consumption of cherries, so it does look as though this may be a very useful home remedy for gout. Further evidence about the anti-inflammatory properties of cherries can be found here.

If You’re Suffering From Gout, Act Now!

If you’ve had an attack of gout, I can offer you my deepest sympathies. Gout struck me out of the blue when I was 53, and it came as a heck of a shock. Of course the first time it happened I had no idea what was going on… But the intensity of the excruciating pain soon opened my eyes to the fact that whatever was happening, it was something I just couldn’t ignore.

What I did was to find a gout home remedy on the Internet. So, just in case you don’t want to read any more, but you want something that will give you almost instant gout relief, here’s what helped me: go straight to it now, a gout home remedy by a medical doctor…. which you can find by clicking on the link in the right hand column of this page.

Needless to say it soon dawned on me after my first attack that this was classic gout in my toe joints. You’ll know the symptoms all too well, I’m sure: the sudden attack of excruciating pain that is almost unbearable, made worse by the slightest touch of the bedsheet at night, the throbbing that precedes an attack, and the weeks that go by where there are no symptoms whatsoever and you think everything has cleared up.

I’ve spent the recent part of my life working on the Internet, and I’m very well aware that there are plenty of scamsters out there making money from people suffering by offering home remedies for all kinds of common complaints. However, I also have a scientific background – I have a degree in biology, in fact – and I’m now a writer, so I like to think I’m very well qualified to make good judgments about the self-help remedies that really can help, and the ones that are, shall we say, less than reliable!

Not only that, but as you know – this is the point at which I heave a sigh of well, resignation, I guess – I actually have gout myself, so I had to find something that helped me. And having done that, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t help you as well. Try it out now, because you have a 60 day money back guarantee if it doesn’t work, so you really do have nothing to lose (except of course that agonizing pain). Cure Your Gout – click on the picture in the right hand column to go there now!

Traditional Gout Home Remedies

Gout is a painful condition which tends to produce recurrent attacks of sharp intense pain, usually in the foot. It is a form of inflammatory arthritis which affects the joints, particularly the joint of the big toe and other joints of the foot.

Sufferers will be aware of the intense pain caused by gout but I would like to assure patients that traditional gout remedies and medical remedies are easily to find and work well. In this article, I will explain the nature and causes of the condition and then explain what gout home remedies are available.

What is gout?

Gout is a medical condition, essentially a form of arthritis, characterized by frequent recurring attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis, which results in reddened swollen joints. It is usually men who are affected but can also be found in post menopausal women or women who take a little too much alcohol!

It is caused by a build up in the bloodstream of a substance known as uric acid, which is harmless in small amounts but toxic at high levels.

Several factors can cause excessive uric acid including genetics, kidney failure, excessive weight loss and bad diet. A very common cause of high uric acid and consequent gout attacks is a bad diet, especially one which involves excessive alcohol.

Due to the high correlation between what we think of as a “rich diet” and gout, the condition used to be regarded as mostly afflicting the prosperous classes. It was known as the “disease of kings” or the “disease of the rich”. Nowadays, we all have access to rich food and alcohol and therefore gout is rather commonplace. Fortunately, gout home remedies are within reach of us all.

What causes gout? What gout remedies are available?

It is not easy to pinpoint the exact cause of gout but we do know that excessive uric acid is caused by “good living”. This basically means excessive consumption of certain foods such as alcohol, sweetened colas and drinks, red meat, shellfish and any sugary product.

One particular foodstuff that is a trigger for gout is alcohol. Statistics show that gout sufferers tend to enjoy excess consumption. It follows that healthy living and physical fitness together with a good diet will help you to avoid gout (as well as many other debilitating diseases). As always, home remedies are easy to apply, and that’s just as true for home remedies for gout as well as many other conditions.

Conventional Treatment & Remedies For Gout

An acute attack of gout will usually disappear without treatment within a week. However, most sufferers will have a second or subsequent attack within a year. Sufferers of gout are at increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, and renal and cardiovascular disease.

Without treatment, gout attacks may develop into chronic gout with the ensuing destruction of joint surfaces and joint deformity.

The conventional treatments recommended by most doctors are a variety of drugs and possibly physiotherapy. These are some of the drugs conventionally used. Steroids, particularly Glucocorticoids, are considered to be effective when injected into the joint.

NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are a common first-line treatment for gout, but are not recommended for people with certain other health problems such as heart problems or gastrointestinal bleeding. Colchicine is an alternative for patients unable to tolerate NSAIDs.

The problem with all these treatments, as with all pharmaceuticals, is that they tend to treat the symptoms rather than the cause and they produce side effects which can be worse than the original disease. I think it is therefore a good idea for sufferers to look for natural gout remedies using products that can be found in your local market or health food store. The following are just some of the products available:

Natural Home Remedies For Gout


The common cherry, a delicate fruit, is one of the best gout remedies. Cherries contain anthocyanins, an antioxidant which helps to relieve inflammation as well as reduce the possibility of a gout attack. Eat about twenty cherries a day, throughout the day, starting as soon as you wake up. After a week, you can reduce the number of cherries you consume. It is best to eat fresh cherries. (A delightful gout remedy, don’t you think?) There is also a highly concentrated cherry juice drink available. You can find out more on – it is also available in other countries. Search the web or the shelves of your local heath food shop.


Apples are an excellent source of malic acid. This neutralizes uric acid and affords relief from gout. Just take one apple after each meal.


If the gout occurs in the toes, a good gout remedy is to soak the feet in a mixture of ginger and water. This causes mild sweating which helps to eradicate the uric acid. Just mix 1/3 cup of ground ginger into the bathing water and soak for half an hour. Be sure to clean the feet with clean water afterwards as ginger can cause skin irritation once the skin dries.


Make a paste of equal parts of wheat flour and mustard powder with a little water. This paste should be applied on the distressed area and left overnight for effective pain relief.

Vegetable Juices

Raw vegetable juices are an excellent remedy, particularly carrot, beetroot and cucumber. Use a liquidizer to make the juice and make a cocktail of your favorites. Try to drink a pint a day, not all at once but with regular doses throughout the day. This is a powerful home remedy for good health in all ways, not just gout.


Lime is a good source of Vitamin C which is known to prevent inflammation and cure sore joints. Also, the citric acid in limes counteracts the effects of uric acid. Take the juice of half a lime squeezed into a glass of water twice a day.

French Beans

French beans or string beans liquidized into a juicer have proved effective in treatment of gout. Take a cupful daily.

Herbal remedies

Some of the herbs that are effective remedies at home against gout are ginger root, cayenne, feverfew, boswellia, devil’s claw root, meadowsweet flower tops and leaves, white willow bark, and liquorice. All these herbs contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties which will relieve pain.


Basically, one cause of gout is a diet which does not suit your constitution. The simplest – or at least the easiest – gout remedies are the ones prescribed by your doctor; however, most holistic home remedies are made from natural products and are unlikely to have any side-effects. And please don’t forget that gout can be prevented, or at least the likelihood of an attack can be reduced, by a good diet with not too much alcohol. And, as I observed above, the best gout home remedy is the simplest – diet and lifestyle changes.

yes – you really can end the awful pain of gout with simple home remedies